Tidbits... what are they ?!

Oh... quite simply a few good old things that have influenced and touched me throughout recent years.

With seven years of pastoral experience in the Abruzzo region of Italy followed by almost nine years for St. Margaret of Scotland Parish, Glen Nevis, ON, I now find myself in the beautiful countryside just outside a small village called Lac-Etchemin in the province of Québec. Many things have happened since June 1st 2005 when I left the sunny hills of Glengarry County and you will likely find out more in these pages sometime in the near future. In the meantime, here's a place that I would like to reserve to subjects that over the years have become as the song goes, "a few of my favourite things".

* Books...   Over the last seven years an abridged version of "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis has become my favourite spiritual companions.  Occasionally you will find new excerpts from this book on this blog.  

* Charitable Organizations: In my "free moments" I've started up web pages for a few non-profit groups: The Agapè Center, the Pro-Life movement in Cornwall and The Saint Vincent of Alexandria.

* Church things:  - The Ordinary of the Mass - The norms for a Christian life - The essential truths of our faith - The Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima - A few prayers -

* Homeschooling... A few links are available in the bookmarks section. 

* Recipes: Here are a few that I've been working on: Bread - Lasagna - Pizza

* and much more to come...


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