Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community
April 13 2002

Palm Sunday Mass
March 23, 2002

Procession The procession
reading the Gospel Reading the Gospel
The Menottis The Bishop signs "Body of Christ" to Mary and Bob Menotti
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Jennifer Keith and Luke
Welcome, Keith Redmore!

R.C.I.A.  What does that mean?   The letters stand for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.  Those are fancy words to descibe the process of learning to become a full member of the Catholic Church.  
Last fall at St. James Church in Johnson City, there were 13 people who were interested in becoming a Catholic.  Keith Redmore, son-in-law of Jane Long, was one of them.  He had been married at St. James Church to Jennifer Long
almost 5 years ago, and ever since he had been coming weekly to Sunday Mass.

But because he was Episcopal, he was not allowed to receive Holy Communion.  
Keith liked the Catholic Church.  In some ways the Catholics and Episcopals are very similar.  He decided to join the RCIA class at St. James last fall so he could become a Catholic.  There were meetings every Tuesday evening with different people coming in to teach the candidates and catechumens about the Catholic Church.  And every Sunday, after the homily, the 13 people were invited forward for a blessing and dismissed early from the Mass to go and study the Scripture readings further.  One weekend there was a retreat at Mount Savior in Elmira.  All throughout this time, the people of St. James parish community were praying for the candidates and catechumens.

OneTuesday night, the prayer partners were invited to a social so the RCIA people could meet them.  The process not only helped Keith learn about becoming a Catholic, but it also helped him to feel like a part of a wonderful community of believers.  
A few weeks before Easter, each made an appointment with Father Ryan for their individual First Penance.  Then on the evening of Holy Saturday all the weeks of studying and praying became realized when the candidates and catechumens were received as full Catholics.

Three people had never been baptized in any church, so they were baptized by Father Ryan during the Easter Vigil Mass.  Then all 13 were given the Sacrament of Confirmation....and when it was time to receive Communion, they all received their First Communion.

What an exciting night for the Church!!

Is RCIA over now?  No, now until Pentecost Sunday, the new members of the Church continue to have their Tuesday meetings to learn how to be active in their Church community.  But on Sundays, they no longer are dismissed.  Keith can now stay in church for the whole Mass, and we are very happy and proud of him.

This & That

Marion Baratta reports that the Annual Easter Lily Sale profit was $190.  Congratulations to St Lucy's Deaf Community!
Mary Menotti's brother, Vince, and his wife arrived home from Florida just in time to celebrate the Easter Vigil with us at St Lucy's.  It was a pleasure to meet them.

Frances and Bob Harmon's granddaughter, Courtney, will celebrate First Communion at Christ the King Church on May 4th.  Congratulations, Courtney!

On April 21, St Lucy's Deaf Community will have Easter Brunch at Mary and Bob Menotti's home.  Good time to chat and eat delicious food!

Adam Drake, one of our Palm Sunday readers and a senior at NYSSD, was awarded the Outstanding Player Award in the Gallaudet University Northeast Regional Academic Bowl held in March.  It was the first time the award was presented, and was presented by I. King Jordan, President of Gallaudet University.

7th National Conference
Ottawa, Ontario
May 16-19

(remember: prices are in Canadian dollars!

fr. peter gets everybody drunk again Fr. Peter holds a lenten program March 13

Council Meeting Thursday May 9, 4:15 Mass, 6:30 Meeting
Spring Picnic Wed. May 15, 6 PM at St. Francis de Sales
Send $5 reservation to the office by May 10
Father Glenn Nelson - " Beauty & Power: The Mass"  in August. Don't miss it!

Save October 24-27, 2002. There will be
a Deaf Cursillo in New York City!
It is an experience that you will
never forget. So plan now!!

Rest in peace: Joan Emerick, March 29 and Nettie Fusco, April 5th

Confirmation 1981 -Do you recognize anyone?

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