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June-August 2009 Fr. Shawn Carey, Bishop Cunningham, friends from the past

March-April-May 2009  Holy Week, spring!, Chris Campbell experiences NCOD

Advent 2008 - Lent 2009  Changes, retreats & bible studies, NCYC

Sep-Nov 2008   Leadership camp/retreat , Cabaret, St. Paul

June-August 2008  Deaf leaders' retreat, various sacraments, Palm Sunday, Ireland

March-April-May 2008  NCOD, a week with Mary Margaret

December 2007- Jan-Feb 2008  NCYC pix, Christmas, new Deaf priest

Sep-Nov 2007  VBS, Cabaret, CM7, Bryce Dady, Mass in the Grass, a new Deaf priest

June-Aug 2007 Palm Sunday photos, Marion, First Communions, reconfigurations

April May 2007  Easter FXRally RTL pix

Feb-Mar 2007 Lent    RTL March

Nov2006- Jan 2007  The Body of Christ        Christmas schedules

Sep-Oct 2006 Baptism en Espanol, VBS, Steubenville

June-Aug 2006 Palm Sunday

April-May 2006  Butter lambs, March for Life

February-March 2006  It's Lent again?? NCYC, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. pictures

November 2005 - Jan. 2006  It's Christmas already?

September-October 2005 Tom Johns Award, summer events, fall events to come, toilet paper

May-Aug 2005  Palm Sunday pix, Fr. Peter shows us heaven

Lent 2005  Design a logo contest, Sue Thomas, Lent schedules

November 2004-January 2005   Christmas coming-lots of preparation

September-October 2004  Mattie, Scranton, Douglaston, Camp Mark 7, where's this Deaf School?

June-August 2004  Anne & Dot, cute photos of Lent gatherings & such

Palm Sunday Mass pictures

April 2004  Easter schedules, open house

Lent 2004   Lent, NCYC pix, our new office

Fall 2003  Our big 55th Anniversary celebration

August 2003    Philly convention, Mass time changes

June 2003    The budget ax falls, Pastor Peter,  Timo 

May 2003  Palm Sunday, and lots of pictures of different events

March 2003    Lent activities

January 2003    Coming: ICDA, NCYC, Get real with Timo! Sharpsteen, Pasternak, Lopez pix

Advent 2002    Matt & Jennifer Roberts married

November 2002   Steven Wilczek, and a lot of future events

August 2002   Fr. Glenn Nelson, John Paul II and Angelo Mingolelli

June 2002   KofC and milestones

April 2002  Palm Sunday pictures, Ottawa conference, RCIA

March 2002   ICDA officers; Holy Week; WYD; fishing season

January 2002   Dot's story-Indianapolis-Confirmation-Lent-Jane's a granny 

Advent 2001      Parties potluck and prayer

October 2001 Happy All Saints Day!!!

September 2001  NCYC, Mercy, Mary

August 2001 A new deaf priest, Steven Wilczek, Youthfest, Steve Charma, Earl Gilette

June 2001   First Communion pix, MM gets her REA

April 2001  A special day with the Bishop

March 2001  Holy Week events

February 2001 A big anniversary

January 2001     A Wedding, NCOD convention pix

December 2000 The Jubilee Retreat (lots of pictures, please be patient)

November 2000    Youth reps inducted

September 2000   An ordination

July-August 2000   Pix from May 31 picnic, Fr. Peter, Jane Long hired, Get out of hell free

May 2000   A couple of important dates

April 2000   Photos of B-Ball tournament at NYSSD, Easter

March 2000   Fr. Peter in Texas, spaghetti, a Grand Prize, LENT

January-February 2000   Not much news, but a graphic to make you think. And a Census

December 1999   Council mtg.-CM7-Mission Statement- Advent-Christmas-Congrats

November 1999   Bowling, Council meeting in Syracuse; Fr. Tom Coughlin coming 11/21

October 1999   An angel, where's Fr. Peter?

September 1999   Fr. Cliff Auth says Mass in Johnson City (pictures)

August 1999    Toronto NCDA convention pictures

July 1999   Our new staff, Jubilee

June 1999   A big anniversary

MAY 1999   Fr. Peter's sabbatical schedule, Toronto, Pentecost

MARCH 1999: no news

FEBRUARY 1999   Palm Sunday mass with the Bishop, NCOD convention, friendly faces

JANUARY 1999   Rose Coriale, Epiphany

DECEMBER 1998    Christmas news

NOVEMBER 1998    Religious education, An Attitude of Gratitude



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Fabian Foundation (which hosts this website for FREE at

St. Helena's, Sherrill 

Holy Cross, Dewitt  Interpreted Mass Sunday 11:15

Holy Family, Syracuse 


Immaculate Conception Parish, Fayetteville

St. James, Johnson City Interpreted Mass  Sun 10 AM

Historic Old St. John's, St. Francis, St. Mary's, Utica

St. John the Evangelist Church, New Hartford

Kennedy-Lewis-Green Foundation, Helping Deaf Students in Central New York since 1979

Knights of Columbus of Central NY 

St. Lucy's, Syracuse  Interpreted Mass Sunday 9 AM

St. Malachy, Sherburne

St. Mark's, Utica 

St. Mary's - St. Peter's Parish, Rome NY

St. Mary's of the Lake, Skaneateles

St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Church/ Blessed Sacrament, Utica  

St. Paul's, Rome

St. Paul's, Whitesboro Interpreted Mass Sunday 11 AM

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Our Lady of Sorrows, Vestal

St. Stephen's Phoenix

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Transfiguration Church, Rome


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