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 Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community
March 2002 NEWS
Bishop James Moynihan
Palm Sunday Mass 

with the Bishop

Saturday March 23,  5 PM
at Christ the King Retreat House
followed by dinner

Please write or call your reservation 
by March 15
FAX 735-3503

Click here for Directions and map
That you can print



MARCH 28th
Johnson City, St James 7 PM
Rome, St Peter             7 PM
Syracuse, St Lucy, 7 PM
Utica, St Francis DeSales 5:15 PM

MARCH 29th
Johnson City, St James 3 PM
Syracuse, St Lucy        7 PM
Rome, St Peter             2 PM

MARCH 30th
Johnson City, St James 7 PM
Rome, St Peter             7 PM
Syracuse, St Lucy        7 PM

MARCH 31st
Johnson City, St James  10 AM
Liverpool, St John           9 AM
Fulton, Holy Family       11 AM
Utica, St Francis DeSales 11 AM


Don't forget the Lenten Time with Fr Peter on March 13th in Camillus!         and
The Mass for Steve Charma followed by a Soup Supper on March 20th in Utica!

For those who came to St John's on Ash Wednesday, please accept our apology.
A family commitment caught Bea late.

St Lucy's Deaf Group is selling Easter lilies again this year.  Order now for pick-up Palm Sunday!

This Easter is very special for Keith Redmore, son-in-law of Jane Long.  He will be received into the Catholic Church at the Vigil Mass!!  Please keep him in your prayers.

On February 23rd St Joseph's in Camillus had a Youth Mass at 5 PM.  As usual, Fr Peter signed.
This time a Deaf youth- Matt Cutler-from Rome signed one of the readings!

Watch for upcoming events being planned:
May or June:  Memorial Mass for Pauline Lewis
August: Workshop on The Mass

Rest in Peace:
Josephine Baccaro, mother of Fr Guy Baccaro of St John's, Liverpool

Pray For:
Joan Emerick, who is having surgery in CA
Anne Parish's sister, who is battling cancer

  ICDA 102's New Officers

(left) Mary Margaret Van Damme, Treasurer
Albert Perry Jr,  Vice President
(right) Melissa Lansing,  President
Jean Hebbard, Secretary

The ICDA members meet in Utica to celebrate Nellie Sharma's birthday

World Youth Day 2002

World Youth Day 2002

July 22-28
Toronto, Ontario
For Catholics 16 - 35 

Special For Deaf! You can stay in Milton, Ontario, at Drury School for the Deaf

Already Deaf from Germany and across Canada have signed up!
More information on the Web: www.wyd2002.org

If you would like to go as a group, RSVP by April 12th
 Email: syrdeaf@juno.com  or call 339-2143 or 735-8184

Fishing season starts soon:

A little boy was late for Sunday school. His teacher, seeing him slip in, asked him the reason. The boy shuffled his feet for a moment, then told the teacher: "I started out to go fishing instead, but my dad wouldn't let me."

The teacher beamed broadly, "He was quite right not to let you go fishing on a Sunday. Did he explain to you why?"

The little boy nodded. "Oh yes, he said there wasn't enough bait for the two of us."

What does the sign of the fish mean in Christianity? <><

Christians often wear the silhouette of a fish
to designate their beliefs.  The Greek word for fish, "icthus,"
mysteriously forms the acronym for the Greek expression
"Jesous Christos Theou Uios Soter."  The English translation
is "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior." 

Pretty cool how that worked out, isn't it.  Another one of
those "amazing coincidences," right?  So go get yourself a
little fishy today and wear it proudly!  When people ask you
what it means, you get to share your faith!


Updated 3/2/2002