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Dec 16 in Camillus, St. Joseph

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Advent and Christmas

-by Fr Pete Williams

The Advent wreath tells us a lot about the Advent and Christmas season. We light a candle for each week of the Advent season, one by one, until all 4 candles are burning just before Christmas.

The light of Christ glows more brightly each week, as Christmas time gets nearer and nearer.

It is a good reminder of what is really important in life, what our life on earth is really for.

We live for the Kingdom of God.

In this life, we are waiting for Jesus Christ to come here again. We believe that happy day is getting closer and closer. We have a name for the day that everything is changed, and everything becomes good and wonderful. We call it the Kingdom of God.

Same as the candles on the Advent wreath, we are supposed to be reminders, we help people remember that the kingdom of God is getting nearer-- how? --by doing good things for others, praying, showing we are good and loving people. Then, people can see that some of God's light is already here.

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas, we should remember that we are also waiting for Jesus to come here again. This time of year is not only to remember Jesus birthday. It is also a time to look at the world today, to see what we can do for Jesus. It is time to look to the future.

This is a positive, hopeful, joyful attitude. We need to have that feeling in our hearts.
So many bad things have happened in the world, it is hard to feel positive in attitude.

Remember: we believe in the Kingdom of God. The beautiful light of the Kingdom is already showing in the world. Look at the good people you know. Remember the good things God has done for you. Look at all the people working hard to try to make the world better. That is the first light of the Kingdom!

Be happy! Celebrate Advent joy!

( 'O  WHAT ?!?')     Come & See!
plus  Cookies and Cocoa
in  Utica   St Francis DeSales
Wednesday December 19th 6:30 PM


Come & Share!

FULTON   - Holy Family     Thursday December 20th 5:30 PM

SYRACUSE AREA:   Check with Mattie Letham

BINGHAMTON AREA:  Check with Jane Long


Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church will have interpreted Masses every weekend.  The weekends will alternate between Sunday at 10:30 AM and Saturday at 4:30 PM. (Sunday Nov 18th at 10:30 AM, Saturday Nov 24th at 4:30 PM...)
Christmas Eve Mass will be at 7:30 PM.


    "I think and pray for all of you.  My love to all in the Syracuse Diocese.  God bless you always and all ways."   She would love to hear from you!

Mary Mother of God & Prayer Day for Peace   December 31st
Liverpool: St John  5 PM
Johnson City: St James  5:30 PM

January 1st
Rome: St Peter  11 AM


December 24th
Liverpool: St John  4 PM
Syracuse: St Lucy  4 PM
Johnson City: St James 4 PM
Rome: St Peter  10 PM (Choral 9:30)

December 25th
Fulton: Holy Family  9 AM
Utica: St Francis DeSales  9:30 AM
Johnson City: St James  10 AM

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