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 Jubilee Retreat a Success!

The Jubilee Retreat in Rome, NY on the first weekend of December was well attended, with about 40 people coming from as far away as Toronto and Long Island.
Mary LeBlanc
Father Mike Depcik had many things to tell us during the retreat.  This is a little bit of what he shared with us.
Did you receive any Christmas cards this year from people who only contact you once a year?  Did you send a card to anyone who you never contact any other time of the year?  Would you say these people are your dearest friends?  Probably not.
Mark Campfield
Friendship is a relationship that needs attention from both sides.  To make a new friend, you must start somewhere.  Maybe just by saying hello each day.  The next step would be to start a conversation to find out more about each other.  Then maybe an invitation to meet somewhere to spend more time together and learn more about each other.  After the friendship has begun to be more comfortable, continual contact must be made or the relationship falls apart.
Albert Perry and Jane Long
It is the same way with our relationship with God.  God is our very best friend.  God has made the first step.  God waits patiently for us to respond.  Do you say hello to God every day?  Do you have a conversation with God? A formal one or an informal one?  Do you go to God's home and spend time with him?
Fr. Mike and Holly Cutler
Our relationship with God is made stronger by our prayer.  Prayer is how we can have a conversation with God.  Sometimes our prayer is formal.   A formal prayer is like the "Our Father"  or the "Hail Mary" or the Mass or Rosary.  An informal prayer is talking to God in our own words, the same as we would talk to a good friend.
    Mattie, Sr. Alice, Jeanette, Leo

Don't keep God waiting!  Say hello to him often.  He is truly our best friend.  He loved us so much.  God knows he is too big for people to understand.  That is why he gave us Jesus, his only son.  Jesus was human.  People could see and touch him.  People learned about God from him.  And God let his only son die for us because he loved us so much.  Let your best friend, God,  know how you are doing, not just once a year, but every day!

    Patty Thurlow, Ann Parish, Bob Harmon, Barb Hudson

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