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       Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community

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Fr Tom Coughlin's Masses on November 21st were wonderful.  Those who were able to come to Utica joined in something special.

The people of St Francis De Sales Church welcomed us all, and were very impressed with the Mass all in sign.
A big thank you to Fr Tom, and the readers Mattie Letham and Jane Long, the streamer carriers Beth and Rob Thurlow and Jordan and Gabrielle, the gift bearers Mary De Matteo, Jane Long, Jean Hebbard and Joan Keefe, the servers Matt and Holly Cutler, the Eucharistic Ministers Jeanette D Romanowski, Frances and Bob Harmon, and Mary and Robert Menotti.

Also, a thank you from the hearing folks to the voice interpreters Bob Joseph, Dom DeMarco, and Robin Brennan.
Hand waving to all!  Fr Tom wants to do it again!

Pentecost Mass Changed
At the Council Meeting, Mary Margaret announced  there would be a diocesan - wide Jubilee Mass on Pentecost  for all Catholics.  It was just announced that it has been changed to a smaller celebration for the newly baptized.  Many people are disappointed.

17 Angie Starks
30 Nellie Charma
31 Scott Allen

10 Daniel Martin
15 Clare Martin
25 Stanley Blaski
27 Gena Podgorniak
28 Joan Emerick

3 Stephen Charma
10 Robert Harmon
13 Rev Robert Dwyer
17 Holly Cutler

10 Mr & Mrs Michael Bermann
31 Mr & Mrs Frank Rakowski

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Would YOU like to be an Altar Server?
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Minister?  a Religious Education Teacher??

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Mary Margaret Van Damme was interviewed for a program on people in the neighborhood, which also featured other people who work at St. Francis de Sales. The program was shown on the Utica public access cable TV channel in November. Unfortunately, it wasn't closed captioned. 

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The Catholic Deaf Community 
Of the Syracuse Diocese 
1119 Elm Street 
Utica NY 13501 

This past Spring, after talking with members of the Catholic Deaf Community, one Lay Minister from each region met with Fr Peter Williams and Jeanette Romanowski to write a mission statement.  A mission statement tells who we are and why we are here!
At our Council Meeting in November, we all talked about what Jeanette had worked on and here is what was decided:

                                                        Mission Statement 
                                                                   of the 
                              Catholic Deaf Community of the Syracuse Diocese

 We are a community of people - Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and hearing - who welcome and encourage each other to grow in faith and experience love.  With this faith and love we can bring Jesus' Good News to the Church and the World using our wonderful gifts.


 The Catholic Deaf Community is a diverse community and has many ways of serving and supporting the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and hearing people.
 We are a community where people feel loved and respected.
 We encourage each person to see their own dignity and responsibility because they are God's children.
 We are both a separate and mainstreamed community.
 We work together with parish and diocesan leaders to fulfill our mission while maintaining our identity.
 We encourage all people in the church and society to understand our differences.
 We advocate with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people who are oppressed and forgotten.


ICDA 102 Meeting highlights    October 20, 1999

Present: Jeanette Romanowski, Jean Hebbard, Krista Chapple, and Mary Margaret Van Damme
Jeanette presented the Treasurer's Report:Prev Balance $2606.97
                                                                                -    13.25  New  Checks
Mary Margaret reported on the  letters of thanks from Fr Pete and Camp Mark 7.  A letter was received from ICDA National asking if we would like to hold the Convention in 2003.  A letter of thanks was sent to The Roman Pastry Shop for their donation of donuts for the Oct 10th Coffee Hour.  Price Chopper has not responded to our letter asking for supplies for the Coffee Hour.

The Coffee Hours for 2000 are: 2/13, 4/9, 6/11, 8/13, 10/8, 12/10.

 Discussion was held on having the meetings every other month.  We will try that.
Jeanette discussed dues.  Why pay $200 for many people?  Maybe so people will receive the ICDA magazine.

President:           Jeanette Romanowski
Vice-President: Jean Hebbard
Treasurer:         Mary Margaret Van Damme
Secretary:          Krista Chapple