Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community News
October 19 2001

St. Martin de Porres, Nov 3
St. Martin de Porres, feastday Nov. 3

Save October 24-27, 2002. There will be
a Deaf Cursillo in our own state of New York! It is an experience that you will never forget. So plan now!!

Birthdays, 4th of July, anniversaries, Memorial Day, Christmas, Easter! All these share both remembrance
and celebration. Some we celebrate with family and friends, some with our nation, and some with the
world. Everyone loves a good reason to party. Some even celebrate Fridays... remembering the hard
work of the week now finished !

Holidays-Holy Days...different spelling, both just the same: remembrance and celebration. We need them!
We NEED to be together with others. We NEED to be together with our Church family too. We need to
remember our special times-and we need to celebrate them.

Do you know our Church Holy Days?

January 1st (Mary Mother of God), Easter, Ascension, August 15th (Assumption), November 1st (All Saints),
December 8th (Immaculate Conception), Christmas.

These are times for our Church members to stop and to remember and to celebrate...especially by being
together to pray the Mass. Some people may also continue the celebration at home with a special
activity or meal, or maybe by going out to eat after Mass.

On November 1st our holy day is All Saints Day. We remember all those who lived for God and are now
with God. We celebrate because we too are called to be saints and God will help us.
St. Albert
St. Albert, feastday Nov. 15

Times of Celebration

Come celebrate Thursday November 1st
with the Catholic Deaf Community!

Rome: St Peter's 5:30 PM
Johnson City : St James' 5:30 PM
Camillus: St Joseph's 7 PM

*****Mass Time Change: St James Johnson City*****
Saturday November 3rd at 5 PM
*****(no interpreter on Sunday November 4th)*****

AGES 16-35

Interested in seeing Pope John-Paul II?
Interested in being with Catholics from
all around the world?
Just curious?!

July 2002

Many, many people are going.
We are lucky to be so close!
Help with expenses available.
For more information call or write.
(Office information on our home page)

This & That

We now settle in for the cold months but look forward to the good times ahead. Some will be busy with outdoor sports. Others will keep to the warm rooms! We give thanks for all of it!

Folks in the Binghamton Area, I hope you saw that the Mass has been changed: Nov 3rd at 5 PM instead of Nov 4th!!

The St Lucy's group was able to travel to the Fatima Shrine near Niagara Falls but had too much fun to stop for pictures. So we must imagine all the smiling faces.

ICDA 25 Syracuse has resumed after a summer break. If you are interested in their meetings and planning, I'm sure they would love to have you!

On the last Saturday of September, Fr Peter Williams signed Mass at St Joseph's in Camillus and quite a few of you showed up. He will continue those Masses the last Saturday of each month.

On October 14th the Deaf added their support for Persons with Disabilities by celebrating Mass with Bishop Moynihan
at the Cathedral. It is always good to think of others and how we can help.

Happy All Saints Day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Deaf Youth On The Go

Matthew and Holly Cutler from Rome, NY, are the representatives of the Catholic Deaf Community on the Diocesan Youth Council.
Now they are looking forward to representing us at the National Catholic Youth Conference. They are working hard on raising money for the trip. If you would like to buy a 'Share" in their trip, they would be happy to invite you to a 'Dessert & Chat" about their experiences!


Share the Experience
Buy a Share...Donation $15

Yes, I would like to buy a share and experience the National Catholic
Youth Conference through supporting Matthew and Holly.
I will be invited to a 'Dessert & Chat' after they come home.
Please send to: The Catholic Deaf Community
1119 Elm Street
Utica NY 13501

Community Council Meeting
Carousel Mall

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