The Catholic Deaf Community of the Syracuse Diocese
November 2000 NEWS


Fr. Jim Lang poses (with a grin) with Matt and Holly Cutler after they were inducted as Youth Council representatives. Later, there was a dance with the other Youth Reps from around the Diocese. The other pictures below are from the dance.


To Donna Wine for arranging the DAW Mass and Potluck at St John's in Liverpool on September 24th.
It was truly beautiful!
Also, thank you to Fr Guy Bacarro who is a real sweetheart! Keep learning sign!


Matt and Holly join in dancing the Electric Slide, a line dance

The Pilgrimage Day on October 8th to the Cathedral in Syracuse was another great day. Many went to confession. The Mass and Tour were taped by Jim and Kateri Van Damme so it will be available for viewing. Marieke Van Damme took pictures...but they aren't ready yet. (Look for them in the newsletter, and here on the website!!)

The dinner was quite filling.


Matt and new friend



Mary Margaret Van Damme and Stan Suchocki just got back from the Deaf Cursillo near New York City.

Boring?? NOT AT ALL!!

Surprises?? ALL THE TIME!!

Inspiring?? YOU BET!!

Sorry you missed here for a picture of the people who went. You should recognize somebody. (The picture is 80K, so it will take a while.) 

Next just gotta go!!!


Holly and friend



If you haven't signed up-you must HURRY! Already we have people from Canada and Schenectady coming!

If you can only come one day, fine- but better for all days.

If only Sunday...come for Mass and meet Fr Mike and then go the Christmas Party at St Joseph's, Camillus,-Fr Peter's church!


Matt and another new friend


Marion Baratta, Mary DeMatteo, Barbara Hudson, Mattie Letham, Jane Long, Anne Parish, Jeanette D Romanowski, & Mary Margaret


ICDA 102 UTICA/ROME THANKSGIVING POTLUCK was held on November 15 at St Francis DeSales Parish Center. Fr Peter Williams led prayer, afterward we enjoyed a turkey dinner. About 21 people showed up, and everyone had a great time!


Our Youth Reps (acting dignified) pose with others (acting silly)

From Fr. Peter Williams

ADVENT:  Beat the Christmas rush!

Recently I was driving by a Lutheran church in Syracuse. They had a
clever message on the big sign outside in front of the church.
"Beat the Christmas rush... worship with us now."
I thought that was funny, and true!

Many people are getting ready for Christmas now. We have shopping lists,
and many party events. Then there is signing and sending out Christmas
cards, and for some people, special holiday baking. We are all very busy. We spend Advent time getting ready to celebrate Christmas Day.Some people will go to church on Christmas, but not before... "too busy."

Well, we can all do better than that.

The four Sundays of Advent are not just a countdown to Christmas Day.
This is a special time to pray. This is time to welcome Jesus in our

This is time to remember "someday Jesus will come here again."
If we are ready for Jesus to come again, we are nice to other people,
we are praying, we are going to church, we are living our lives the right

If we are ready for Jesus to come here again, we are also ready to
celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
The true meaning of Christmas is God is not really far away from us.
Jesus is all around us in the world, if we see with faith.
Do you live like a friend of Jesus? Are you ready to welcome Jesus?
If yes, then you WILL have a good Advent season!

We say it in church often:
"Christ has died, Christ is risen, and CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN."
We believe that.
In the season of Advent,  we remember that while we prepare for

So get ready. Beat the Christmas rush.
Come worship with us now!


Your Director and  Webmaster enjoy a slow dance together