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May 2003 News

Receiving the Holy Spirit
by Frank Egitto

On Sunday, April 6, the Most Reverend Bishop James M. Moynihan celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation with 41 young men and women at Saint James Church, Johnson City, NY.  Among the newly confirmed were Rachael Clare Chmiel (left), Rebecca Joan Chmiel (right), Katherine Elizabeth Egitto, and Joseph Michael Romani. Joseph signed the Welcome Presentation and Katherine signed the Candidates’ Address to the Bishop.  Father Clifford Auth of St. James parish, a concelebrant of the Mass, presented the candidates to the Bishop. 

Bishop Moynihan delivered a number of poignant messages that were particularly appropriate for those confirming their faith and entering adulthood in their religious communities.  He spoke of generosity and caring as exemplified in Matthew 25: 31, expounding upon the rewards bestowed upon those who feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and clothe the naked.  He spoke of following the teachings of Christ, and spreading His word, even under adverse conditions, as the Apostles did after receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.  Bishop Moynihan also encouraged the newly confirmed to accept the call to religious vocations, and he encouraged parents to avoid discouraging their children from accepting the call should it come. 

Following the Mass, the Tabernacle Society of St. James hosted a reception in the Monsignor Peter J. Owens Hall.

Welcome Frances Harmon!

Frances is probably well known to many of you, but despite coming to Catholic functions for 20 years, she was not a Catholic! During the workshop last August, Fr. Nelson asked her if she wanted to become a Catholic, and she decided  that she did. She was baptised Espiscopalian, so she did not need to be baptised again, but she was formally inducted by Fr. Peter Williams. Now she is one of us.
If you know someone who might be interested in joining the Catholic faith, why don't you ask them? Maybe they are just waiting for an invitation.

                              Frances and her husband Bob

During the Palm Sunday  Mass, Frances told her story and thanked everyone.

PALM SUNDAY MASS with  Bishop Moynihan ---- April 12, 2003

This year a lot more people came, so we had to take two pictures to get them all! Suzy Trelease took many pictures. She is a professional photographer.

Passing out palms

Joey Romano signs the words of Jesus in the Gospel

Katherine Egitto narrates the Gospel

Rachel Chmiel helps narrate the Gospel
Offertory Procession

We gave the Bishop a special crucifix. Mary Margaret explains what the hands of Jesus are saying.

Fr. Peter Williams, his mother and friend

Rebecca shows off her bracelet; Rachel just smiles. It is easy to tell the Chmiel twins apart: one is pretty, the other is cute.

Beth Thurlow gets the last meatball

Jane Long and friend

The Harmons pose with the Bishop

Aubrie, Bob, Bishop Moynihan, Bill & Mary, Frances, Courtney, and Jordan


CONGRATULATIONS! It's now Monsignor Glenn Nelson! Here with his family.

Meet the Photographer
(Confirmation & Palm Sunday)

Here with her husband Scott
on their wedding day in 1999


Jonah Frechette

with his parents Jacqueline and Mark



May is the special month of Mary.  Can the Deaf say the Rosary?  Sure, says Fr Mike Depcik!  He does it all the time!
If you'd like a Rosary or information on it, just ask Mary Margaret.

Here are the women who attended the Breakfast with Dr. Gladys Sweeney that was sponsored by the Diocesan  Commission on Women in Church and Society. It was very interesting and thought provoking. Hopefully more Deaf people will come to things like this in the future.

Thank you to all who sponsored the Lenten Gatherings!  They were special times.

Please pray for those who have died:
Prayers for Sr Linda Jean's mother and brother, and also for Florence Bouse (sister of Richard Coppola) would be appreciated.

Dates to put on your calendar:
May 21st: ICDA 102's Spring Picnic
June 7th:  Tom Servatius will be Ordained !
July 26-27th: HS Youth Fest
Sept 27th: 55TH Anniversary Mass & Dinner

Junior High Youth Day  -  March 8, 2003

A delightful mix of learning and fun.
The three Deaf youth agreed it was a wonderful
time and definitely NOT BORING!

Presenter Vikki Shepp, Mary Margaret Van Damme,
The Deaf Youth and their new friends

               Doing the Limbo

            The Macarena

In The Future

High School Students
Grades 9-12 (in Fall 2003)
The Diocese of Syracuse is sailing (via plane)to the
2003 National Catholic Youth Conference
November 13-16 in Houston, Texas

YOUNG people deserve the best

Bring them to renew their faith, discover new friends,
and learn about their Catholic faith!

Write, call, fax or email Mary Margaret NOW!

High schoolers ( 9-12) save July 27th-28th
for the Diocesan Youth Fest!!

YOU CAN GO!  Request Information Packet NOW from Mary Margaret!

SEPTEMBER 27, 2003

55th ANNIVERSARY of the
Special Mass and Banquet 

Second Biennial International Catholic Deaf Association
United States Section Conference

June 29 to July 5, 2003
Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel 17th & Race Streets Philadelphia, PA 19103
Host: Philadelphia Chapter #8

For information:
Jeffrey Fitzgerald General Chairman  Philadelphia ICDA-US Conference
2003 402 Maple Street
Jenkintown, PA 19046­2723
TTY/Voice: (215) 576-5016  E-mail: jlmjfitz

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