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Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community

March 2003 News

Palm Sunday
MASS with Bishop Moynihan on
Saturday April 12th

5 PM
Christ the King Retreat House



Dinner to follow -  Donations Accepted
Make Reservations for Dinner by April 3rd  ----   Phone: 315-735-8184 (TTY/V) FAX: 315-735-3503

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Map to Christ The King Retreat House:

Lenten Happenings

March 16th  10:30 AM
Home of Marion Baratta
Potluck Luncheon
"Empowering People to Lead"
Presenter: Kevin Frank
+ Fr Peter available for Confession

March 19th  6 PM
St Francis DeSales Center
Potluck/Soup Supper
Fr Peter's Presentation
+ Fr Peter available for Confession

March 30th
Christ the King in Endwell
1501 Davis
12 Noon Mass with Fr Peter
Potluck Luncheon
+ Fr Peter available for Confession

March 26th   5 PM
Home of Anne Parish
Penance Service
with Fr Peter
+ Light Refreshments
(Call for directions 678-2875)


Your life, is it great?  It could be better!
Your life, is it okay?  It could be better!
Your life, is it awful?  It could be better!

Lent is the time to STOP and THINK. It is the time to ask questions.

 Do you remember being a teenager?  Teenagers face many questions: What do  I believe?  Why?  Where will I go in life?  How do I get there?  Who are my friends?

Become a teenager again!  Ask questions of yourself!
In my life...where is Jesus?  Is He near or far?  Do I know Him?
 Do I believe in Him?  Will I follow Him? Where will He lead me?
 Do I want to go?  Will I?

Lent is the TIME.  The Church gives us three important ways to help us:
Prayer    Fasting     Almsgiving

There are a  few things you must do: fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and not eat meat on Fridays in Lent, but you don’t have to stop there!  You can do more!  Read the Bible.  Meditate.  Visit someone who is lonely (if you don’t know someone, we can give you a name!).

Take someone shopping.  Smile.  Say the Rosary.  Give to the Food Pantry.
Give an extra envelope to the Catholic Deaf Community.
Keep looking for Jesus in your life. He is there!
Jesus...with Him...everything is better!



       St James, Johnson City      5:15 PM
       St John, Liverpool              7:00 PM
       St Peter, Rome                   7:00 PM ?
       St Lucy, Syracuse               5:30 PM ?
       St Francis DeSales, Utica   5:15 PM 


Holy Week Services

       Holy Thursday             April 17th
Johnson City, St James       7:00 PM
Rome, St Peter                  ? 7:00 PM ?
Syracuse, St Lucy                7:00 PM
Utica, St Francis DeSales    5:15 PM

       Good Friday            April 18th
Johnson City, St James         3:00 PM
Rome, St Peter                    ? 2:00 PM ?
Syracuse, St Lucy                  7:00 PM

                EASTER VIGIL
                     April 19th
Johnson City, St James          7:00 PM
Rome, St Peter                     ? 7:00 PM ?
Syracuse, St Lucy                   7:00 PM

                 EASTER DAY
                       April 20th
Fulton, Holy Family                11:00 AM
Johnson City, St James           10:00 AM
Liverpool, St John                     9:00 AM
Utica, St Francis DeSales        11:00 AM 



Right Now: Send out the form for the April Weekend with Timo Owens!  It is an amazing opportunity too good to miss...and you can still get a discount!

If you have a High Schooler, there still is time to sign up for NCYC in November in Houston!

Remember to keep in prayer the St James Confirmation candidates. ( There are three deaf in the class.) April 6th at 2PM is the day!

Will you be joining us in early July for the ICDA Conference in Philadelphia?  Some are going by train, some by car.

ICDA 102's January Pizza & Game Night was fun.  Good times for a good cause!
Save May 21st for the Spring Picnic!

Another date to save is May 17th for the Community Council Meeting in Utica
Get ready to buy your ticket for the 55th Anniversary Dinner September 27th...

We are in need of funds for stamps, and items for the NYSSD religion classes, and other office expenses.  You may use the envelope enclosed...and a Thank You will be in the next newsletter.

Have a look at January's Newsletter for information on:
  • Junior High Youth Day Mar 8
  • Diocesan Youth Fest
  • Our 55th Anniversary in September
  • ICDA Conference in June
  • NCYC in November
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