The Missionary Society of Saint Paul of Nigeria

Founded by
Cardinal Dominic Ekandem

Established by the
Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria







Membership in the Society

The members of the Missionary Society of St Paul are those who have taken the permanent oath of membership; and those who have taken the temporary oath of membership.

By virtue of one and the same oath, all are members of the Society, with no distinctions, other than those foreseen by Canon Law.

The right admitting to membership, either temporary or permanent, belongs to the Superior General with the deliberative vote of his Council.

In the Society the Missionary commitment is made by a solemn oath; it is this oath which admits to membership of the Society. The member consecrates himself totally to God as a missionary and unites himself with others in the Society and to mission.

The secular priest members of the Institute are incorporated into it by the oath of membership and are dedicated to the missionary apostolate. By the oath of membership, members undertake the observance of evangelical counsels of perfect chastity, evangelical poverty and obedience in imitation of Christ. The members who live as a community of priests in the Church carry out, in a special way, the missionary mandate and commitment of the Catholic Church.  

Each member remains personally responsible to God for the response he gives to God's call; with the help of his brothers. Fidelity to one's vocation is not to be taken for granted. It has to be deepened throughout life in order to become a genuine sign of the gift each member makes of himself.

Each member's commitment as a missionary is a particular way of expressing the consecration which results from the sacraments of Christian initiation.

The Society is associated in a special way with the Associate Missionaries of St Paul who are not members of the Society and they do not participate in the life and Administration of the Society. However, on their own volition they assist in the Apostolate of the Society for the attainment of its goal. The rights and obligations of the Associate Missionaries of St Paul in relation to the Society will be determined in the statute of the association.

However, the Society endeavors always to promote their spiritual growth and missionary co-operation in accordance with the Vade Mecum of the Society.



Pastoral Ministry

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