The Missionary Society of Saint Paul of Nigeria

Founded by
Cardinal Dominic Ekandem

Established by the
Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria







Ongoing Formation and 
Specialized Studies

Ongoing formation is a necessity because situations and ideas are constantly evolving and our own personality is in process of developing through the various stages of life. The foundation for ongoing formation is laid during initial or seminary formation, when one learns a method of work and acquires a taste for study. Primary responsibility for ongoing formation rests jointly with each individual missionary and his local community. Ultimate responsibility for programmes to be followed, however, rests with the Superior General and his Council.


Personal ongoing formation will lead nowhere or end in frustration unless it is accompanied by communal ongoing formation. This entails attentiveness to all event of life, discerning the presence and constant calling of God. It has three elements:

1. a description, analysis and understanding of the lived experience of the members and their communities in the locality;

2. looking at that lived experiences in the light of faith to discover God's presence and his call to conversion;

3. the goal is personal conversion, commitment of the community to respond to God's call and the development of ways and means to bring it about.


The Superior General, after consulting his Council, may assign some members to take up specialized studies in view of the needs of the Society and its mission.

Some have been trained in Rome, U.S.A., Ireland, Nigeria, Kenya, and London; and some are currently on studies in Austria, Lueven-Belgium, Rome, Ireland, London, United States of America and Nigeria.


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