St. Mary's/St. Isaac Jogues Common Parish Advisory Council

Last updated: October 19, 2015

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On July 9th, 2014 St. Mary's, Westville and St. Isaac Jogues, Georgetown held their first combined parish advisory council. At this meeting we discerned and approved a Common Parish Advisory Council Mission Statement and it reads as follows:

St. Mary's/St. Isaac Jogues Common Parish Advisory Council's purpose is to assist the pastor (and the bishop) in fulfilling the pastoral mission of the Catholic Church.
This Common Parish Advisory Council will foster
spiritual growth,
better communications,
provide leadership in parish planning,
establishing goals,
and witnessing the Gospel message in the larger community.

Our second order of business was to approve our new parish Constitution and Bylaws which will now be sent to Bp. Jenky for his approval.

Next we assigned Committee Chairs that will serve for two years and they are:

Sacramental Life: TBA
Adminstration and Planning: Gary Hackler (St. Isaac Jogues)
Evangelization, Catechesis, and Catholic Schools: TBA
and Stewardship & Justice: Valerie Cebulski (St. Isaac Jogues)

President: Pastor, Fr. Timothy Sauppé
Chairperson: Jackie Shadden (St. Mary's): JASHADD@ATT.NET OR CALL, 267-2007
Vice-chair: Michael Maxwell
Secretary: Jane Menkhaus (St. Mary's)

We will be meeting for one hour from September to April on the First Wednesday from 6 to 7 PM. These meetings are open to all parishioners and you are encouraged to come.
PLEASE PRAY for our new Parish Advisory Council, for our parishes, and the Diocese of Peoria!
Our next meeting will be on November 4, 2015 meeting to be held at St.Isaac Jogues at 6 PM!

The following is an old post from 2010 and serves as a reminder as to what we are up against in our culture.

St. Mary's Catholic Grade School was closed due to lack of children/students. Welcome to the culture of death in Westville!
We were left with $60,000 debt for this past year! $19,000 of which was from unpaided tuition which parents promised to pay for thier child's education. We will need your aid to help us pay off this debt!!!
Please make a donation to
St. Mary's School debt
c/o St. Mary's Catholic Church,
231 N. State St.,
Westville, IL. 61883

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