St. Mary's Sick List

Last updated: April 15, 2015

Below are the names of those who are either homebound or in a hospital/institution: If you need to be visited on First Friday of the month or if you know of someone who would like to be visited, please e-mail the parish with their full name, address, phone, and other pertinent information. Thank you, and may God Bless you!


1. Bree Aldridge, ;
2. Kate Armon, ;
3. ; Carol Anderson,
4. Abigail Bartel,;
5. Florence Britch;
6. .Michael Brosseau, ;
7. Cheryl Burke;
8. Tory Ceade;
9. ;
10.Pauline Cheeve ;
11. Betty Chesrown;
12. Rhonda Cook;
13.Kristi Cunningham
14.Donna Deck ;
15. Christine Delhaye;
16. Art Dowling;
17. Jennie Faith;
18. Margaret Garrison,
19. Regina Hampton,
20. Edgar Herera, ;
21. Cindy Huckleby,
22. Mary Jordan,
23. Ann Karcavich,
24. Christine Karushis ;
25. Donna Langdon ;
26. Mollie Latoz,
27.James Lawson,
Joe Lutchka,
Mindy Lutchka,
Theresa Mackowiak,
James Martin,
Matthew Massman,
Jerry McBride,
Bernie McFetridge,
Anna Milewski,
Jaren Miller,
Margaret Miller
, Judy Moody,
Larry Morales,
Matt Murtha
, Presley Ragen Mosier,

Fred Pessky,
Jamie Lee Phillips,
Richard Polancyak,
Timothy Polancyak,
Robert Potter,
Ray Rach,
Judy Rader,
Sam Rader,
Sue Ramert,
Mary Rattonetti,
Erick Rice,
Dorothy Ridens,
Trace Riley,
Karen Rudd,
Dorothy Schaffer,
Barb Shanks,
Joann Shapuras,
Ray Sloger,
Lucille Snyder,
Patricia Sollars,
Michael Spiering,
Braylyn Elizabeth Stonewall,
Kirk Swanson,
Cory Taylor,
Edy A. Taylor,
Mackenzie Tincher,
Marcy (Lutchka) Tincher,
Lucille Valantas,
Dolly Vanterepotte,
Lillian Vasti,
Tina Vaughn,
Frank J. Vettorel Jr.,
Dorothy Virostek,
Frank Virostek,
Mary Vogel,
Bob & Barbara Walblay,
Ryan Walblay,
Michael Wargo,
Lloyd Wiesemann,
Donald Wolfe,
Bonnie Wolfe,
Rita Wynn,
Colleen Youhas,
Dorothy Youhas,
Gary Youhas,
Johnny Youhas,
Tom Yuhas

, ,

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