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Traveling the World Wide Web

can be confusing, so I have gathered together several important Catholic Web Sites and other sites that may be of interest to you.

VATICAN COAT OF ARMSHis Holiness, Pope John Paul II, Bishop of Rome

St. Mary's Catholic Church,e-mail box.

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Home Page

Peoria Diocesian Coat of ArmsDiocese of Peoria, Illinois, USA, Official Web Site

The symbols within the Peoria arms were introduced at the time of the erection of the diocese in 1875. These charges, or heraldic elements include the Fleur de Lys, the calumet, and the star. The Fleur de Lys, first came into Sacred Scripture in the Song of Solomon 2:1, “I am rose of Sharon and lily of the valleys” and became the biblical precursor titular for the new Eve, the Blessed Virgin Mary and mother of the Savior. The lily in the form of the Fleur de Lys was assigned to the mother of the Messiah, particularly for her title of the Immaculate Conception, because of the sweetness of this flower’s scent which has long been symbolic of Mary’s holy virginity. In Ecclesial heraldry, the star represents the lightening of darkness and thus divine guidance or favor. The Easter Star, or the Star of Bethlehem, marked the place where the Savior lie newly born and led the Magi to the Holy Family as scripture related. A single star represents the Blessed Virgin in the title of Queen of Heaven and the Star of the Sea and in all instances represents the enlightened truths of the Holy Gospels. In this new rendering of the diocesan arms, the star, or mullet, as this particular device is properly known in heraldry, has been intentionally rendered so at to highlight the star’s vibrancy so that prominence is given to the glory of the Star from the East. The golden cross dividing the Peoria shield represents the Christian faith, the truths of the Catholic dogma and the church herself. Upon this cross are found two Fleur de Lys and also a peace pipe known in proper parlance as the calumet.

Bishop Daniel Jenky
Bishop of Peoria, Daniel Jenky, Official Home Page

Need help looking up some information about the Catholic Faith?

Then search through the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Want to know the Fifty (50) best Catholic Films?

Check out the following web site hosted by Peter's Net Catholic Web Site.

For the best Catholic News on the Internet, seeCatholic World New.

CWN has a great search engine. Plus for a modest annual fee, Catholic World News will automatically send you daily news updates via e-mail. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Want to safe guard your children from Television?

Check out the web site hosted by Parents Television Council.

Looking for something more educational about Christianity and subjects 'Catholic'?

Try this unique site atThe Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

FREE Web Site Provides New Resources for Teaching & Learning,

"This new Web site...offers one-stop shopping for a treasure trove ofhistorical documents, scientific experiments, mathematical challenges, famous paintings, and other tools for teachers and students," U.S Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley said." Thousands of topics: the Civil War, the Constitiution, Picasso, etc. can be found by going to FREE Web Site.


can be found at


who, as a cloistered woman religious (Franciscan 'Poor Clair' Nun), pioneered Modern Catholic Television, Radio, Shortwave, and now the Internet. Her Website for EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) can be found at Mother Angelica's EWTN Website.


Developed by a parish youth minister (Scott Fabian) now offers a variety of services. See Ecclesia Web Service.

Parish Organizations and other information:

Parish Advisory Council

Baptism Information

CCD or Religious Education

Questions about Catholic Christianity

Marriage Information

Altar Servers

Mission Statement

Homilies & Talks

Past Pastors

Annual Stewardship Appeal

Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery

Parish Cookbook


Sick List

Youth Group/CWA

Parish History

Parish Directory

Hall Regulations

Sunday Bulletin

Mass & Confession Times

Altar & Rosary Society

Holy Name Society

Madonna Rosary


Communion Ministers

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